Custom Illustrations Help 26° Brewing’s Craft Beer Branding Stand Out


Though the old saying says don’t judge a book by its cover, packaging is still the way many consumers judge products in the competitive craft beer industry.

In order to make our client 26° Brewing stand out from the competition, our creative director Octavio Guzman creates completely unique works of art that are unlike anything else on the shelf. After honing his skills working at Disney, he’s now exploring the boundaries of craft beer branding.

To get a better idea of how this process works, lets look at the steps it took to create the Oak Barrel Aged Scotch Ness Monster label.

Process of Illustrating the Scotch Ness Monster Label

1. With nothing more than a pencil, paper, and imagination, Octo sketched the Scotch Ness Monster, leaving an outline in the middle for the iconic 26° shield.

Sketch of The Scotch Ness Monster

2. Then, he scanned the sketch into the computer and opened it in Adobe Illustrator. Within the program, he used the pen tool to redraw the image, interpreting the sketch’s loose lines and adding details where needed.

Sketch Redrawn in Adobe Illustrator

3. After that, Octo dropped in the Scotch Ness Monster shield and colored the image, using shading techniques to add energy and depth to the illustration.

Color Added to the Illustration

4. Finally, he adds the other label elements, including the Barrel Rage Logo, Scotch Ness story, and Barrel Background.

Brand Elements and Copy Added to Label

5. At last, the label is placed on a bottle and sent out into the wild.

Scotch Ness Monster Label on Bottles

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of what it takes to create a custom illustration for product packaging, contact us today to see how our design and branding services can help your business stand out.

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