Take a look under our hood!


Social Media Engagement

Today… Clients need to look at their Social Media as a two-way conversation. Engagement is critical in building a brand. We provide a full Social Media department that will build a content calendar and deliver results. We integrate advertising, content, infographics and engagement across all major SM platforms. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Foursquare. LinkedIn. Google+. And more.

Interactive & Display Advertising

There are so many ways to advertise online these days! That is why your agency needs to be well-versed in interactive display advertising that is behaviorally tested. Online web surfers often respond to interactive ads that entertain and do not educate! Your call to action must convey an offer or incentive to your closing tools. We are constantly reworking our campaigns to deliver sales and not just clicks!

Search Engine Marketing

Organic search is the Holy Grail for website success. Search Engine Optimization is not always a retainer fee in perpetuity. Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize that not all companies can afford a Madison Avenue formula for web traffic. Good honest work is rewarded. A strong SEO foundation is the best way to engage most clients. And SEO copywriting such as keywords, meta information and themed content that is geo-specific is key when mining for organic search.


Online & Offline Media

Green Advertising is recognized as one of Florida’s top agencies for media buying and placement. Our media department leverages our multi-million dollar buying power throughout the state in order to deliver results. Additionally, Green Advertising guarantees a minimum of 30% in relevant added value for every media buy. Green is expert in providing strategic media plan with the right balance of online and offline media to ensure RESULTS.

Here are a few new medias that are working… BIG TIME:
• Pandora (Did you know that you can Geo-target by age and marital status?)
• Retargeting
• AD networks
• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• YouTube
• PPC and search

Branding & Design

Your brand is the first impression a prospect has of your product or service. This leaves a lasting impression. It is important that you get it right. We have illustrators that can craft a custom font, rendering or an image when a photo shoot or stock just won’t do!

Video Pre & Post Production

Our in-house Green Screen CYC Studio is just the beginning of our video services. We have on staff a Director of Photography, editors, motion graphic designers and our own equipment. Our Studio is directly linked to our video production computers for a faster transfer time, meaning you can see the results of your work almost immediately. With Social Media becoming critical in marketing plans, timely relevant video content is critical for your success.

Paid Search / PPC

Our team of online media specialists manage and operate over $1Million of online ad spend annually.

Display, text and affiliate advertising online is usually one of the lowest cost conversion. But it is easy to waste lots of cash online, especially in very competitive plataforms. Your campaigns are always in a state of flux due to the competitive biding culture online. Our objective is to deliver the lowest cost per lead given your budget.

Here is what you get:
• Dedicated Account Rep
• Keyword Copywriting & Testing
• Campaign Analytics and Reporting
• Hands-on PPC Bid Management (no adaptive algorithm here)
• Source Tracking
• Affiliate Marketing Management
• Lead Conduit and Sales Force integration

Lead Generation & Short and Long Forms

Affiliate marketing, lead generation and data sourcing is a very competitive industry. Our experience within this business is vast. We have the relationships and industry knowledge to save you thousands! Keep scrub rates in check, and deliver above 3% is our company benchmark.

Check out our mad skills:
• Call center development
• Hot and warm transfers
• Vendor contract reconciling
• Path traffic testing
• Landing page performance tracking
• Affiliate program coordination
• Lead Conduit setup and management

Affiliate Marketing

Your affiliates can shroud your budget in many complex forms and verbiage in contracts. We have the ability to make this language simple and easy-to-understand. We are performance minded. And we realize that impressions and clicks are not conversions! That is why contract negotiation and campaign performance tracking is key to your ROI.


Website Development

A strong lead form is key to a great website. If you can’t close them now, maybe you can close them later, during re-marketing efforts. We have built sites in: PHP, HTML 5, ASP, Cold Fusion, RUBY and mobile. The new hot website technology is ‘Responsive’ design that works cross platform on all devises.

Database Management & Email Broadcasting

Your most valuable asset is your data. Re-marketing is at little or no cost when developing an aggressive email broadcasting campaing. We often work to segment the data so we can achieve better open rates. You can do this by gender and geography.

Web Server Management

Our Complete webhosting management includes multiple sub domains and DNS redirection, data and email address managment (Autoresponders, Mail, Forwards, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists support). With access on Plesk® or cPanel® we can manage and support multiple MySQL databases, ip address,  phpMyAdmin control, FTP accounts, wordpress transfer and website backup and recovery.



Green Advertising will always incorporate a re-marketing component to your action plan. This is where our Social Media and Data Capture efforts are realized. Once we gather emails, addresses, cellular data (white hat of course) we can re-market your own data at little or no cost. This is the most valuable asset in the retail advertising vertical. But keep in mind, emails are becoming overused and open rates are dropping. So data partnerships may be a great way to keep your open rates up. Just a thought there.

Broadcast Advertising

Whether we are developing a :5, :15, :30 or :60 commercials we can create a plan that will work for you. We will look at cable and network possibilities and deliver a guaranteed 30% over budget of relevant ‘Value Added’ spots. Our relationships regionally are among the best.

Television and radio were traditionally the most effective ways to advertise. This medium is in a state of flux and actually quite challenging because of the media choices an individual has online or offline. This is why you are seeing more commercials and less content during programming. The networks are pinched for dollars. ‘Cord Cutting’ or the act of receiving all media content online has become a challenge for network television, and has pushed more media dollars online. Google and Yahoo (Bing) couldn’t be happier.


We could make an argument that this medium may be the most effective form of advertising for the right kind of clientele. Yes it is traditional and has been around since the beginning. But if you need to get your brand in front of thousands of eyeballs and fast, this may be the way to go. Now the digital outdoor displays are becoming popular; partly because you can change your purchased rotation message as often as you like without production fees. Cool huh?


Kiosk & Trade Show Displays

We have worked on countless Trade Show Kiosk displays and have vast experience in creating dynamic presentations that will break through the clutter of those crowded trade shows.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising is quickly merging online. Soon most forms of advertising will be online. But Social Media Advertising is particularly effective because of the ‘closed network’ concept. People tend to communicate and engage with small groups of people. This is the polar opposite of traditional broadcast advertising, which looks to get as many eyeballs as possible. With Social Media, advertising can be custom tailored to fit your target demographic. No more guessing. A B testing these ads and fine tuning the active campaigns is very challenging. Our team of experts will craft a campaign and present analytics and performance rates as often as necessary to achieve your goals.

Direct Mail & EDDM

Reaching people at home with your marketing message is often the way to go. Although Direct Mail is expensive, once you take into consideration the postage, the return on investment is typically quite good. If the cost is prohibitive there is a new product offered by the Post Office. This is Every Door Direct Mail. Basically you buy postage routes and the mailman will drop your printed piece in every mailbox on those selected routes. You can save on postage since the Post Office charges a reduced fee; around one third of the normal rate.



The value engineering brochures that still have the ‘look and feel’ of a high-end job is very important to your prospects. Our team of designers have the talent for delivering collateral that kicks ass! No matter your budget we can deliver beautiful work fast and on budget.

Motion Graphics & 3D

Our team has the ability to create an idea that is still a concept, or create an effect that simple can’t be produced by using actors on set. Our Television Commercials often need an extra layer of excitement to increase the call to action, yielding a better return. That is where logo, typography and character effects can take your vision to the next level.

Call Center Management

Telephony technology is often the easiest way to convert leads better and faster. We have developed and worked in concert with many different telephony vendors and know the “ins and outs” of this ever changing and expensive landscape. If you’re looking for warm transfers, auto dialers, post call report anlaytics and listen-in reporting, we have done it all!


SMS Text & Short Code Advertising

Since everything is migrating to your smart phone it stands to reason that your marketing efforts better begin to look at gathering cellular data for re-marketing efforts. It typically takes up to six weeks to register a custom short code and it isn’t cheap. But well worth it! However if you are on a budget, no need to worry, you can lease a short code and set-up the behavioral path marking to direct your prospect to the right product or service for him or her. We can do this for you!

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Advertising on apps is often utilized by national advertisers, but you are seeing more and more local ads popping-up. If your target audience is between the ages of 16-34 this may very well be a great ad network to your overall plan.

Content Marketing

Content is KING! This serves many masters. It is designed to increase web traffic and branding. But video content and blogging (and blog syndication) are just a few ways to drive traffic at a very low cost, rather than traditional expense methods.

Here are some of our Content Management deliverables:
• Video content
• Webcasting / Podcasting
• Blogging
• PR web
• Contest and game creation
• Info Graphics
• How to videos
• Social Media content calendars
• Social Media integration
• Online ad development